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segunda-feira, fevereiro 14, 2005

Alicerçando Poesia # 51 - Boujema El Aoufi - Marrocos - 1961 -


Are my silenced poems!
I write them with special tenderness
But again end up by loathing them . . .
And distrust the words they contain . . .
I wrote a poem
That had several voices
And a narrow-aired throat . . .
I revised it in accordance to a subterranean imagination
That is extremely intricate
But when I needed it to speak
I realized that I forgot to write the mouth
From which
The poem would issue . . .
I contented myself
With only a hole at the foot of the page
Through which letters can breathe

Poem's dream

For two reasons that resist speculation
The poem sleeps early
In the poet's body:
Either because the poem abstains from dreaming
Or the warrior
Decided to rest!
Only between dreaming hands does the poem sleep in an upright position!

Tradução De Norddine Zouitni