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sábado, abril 30, 2011

Alicerçando Palavras # 162 - Frederick Frank

"Once we start to draw, all of a sudden we begin to see again. Were we so blind? How could we have ignored the beauty, the intricacies of these 'simplest things,' the convoluted network of veins in an oak leaf, the graceful curve of the clover's stem, the starry splendor of humble dandelion, the voluptuous curves of a green pepper? . . . It is more than drawing pictures: it is a meditation-in-action on That Which Matters, a veritable breakthrough, an awakening from the years of non-seeing, from the coma of looking-at to firsthand seeing. It is as if the innocent eye of childhood is reawakened through the unjaded eye of the artist.

Frederick Frank, Drawing Opens the Eyes


terça-feira, abril 19, 2011

Alicerçando Poesia # 449 - Maurice Carême

Encontrado na net e achei imprescindível. Boas férias e boa Páscoa!


sexta-feira, abril 08, 2011

Alicerçando Imagens # 175 - Rodin